Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney demand Ted Lasso’s delicious biscuits in compensation following joke about ownership of Wrexham AFC

Ted Lasso can be described in a lot of different ways, like the fact the Apple TV+ series is aggressively optimistic. Which means to say that while there are plenty of jokes thrown around in the writing, nothing about the show is particularly “scathing.” Especially not when it comes to real-world celebrities — or the football clubs they might own. But apparently the comedy crossed the line in a recent episode, and now Ryan Reynolds (DeadpoolFree Guy) and Rob McElhenney (Mythic QuestIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) are looking for compensation.

Okay, that’s a joke. The two comedians/actors/producers/writers recently penned a letter to the creators of Ted Lasso in an effort to draw attention to a joke delivered by Jeremy Swift’s character Higgins in the show. In a recent episode of the series, Higgins calls into question the fact that both Reynolds and McElhenney are co-owners of a football club based out of Wrexham, Wales. The two recently set up the co-ownershp gig of Wrexham AFC, and Higgins casts doubt on whether or not the purchase is a “joke or not.”

So, in fitting fashion, the actors penned a letter to address the situation of their “very real” ownership of Wrexham AFC (via Deadline). Over the weekend the two shared the same photo of a letter written to Apple TV+. It’s pretty obvious right out of the gate that this is all in good fun and the two don’t plan on taking actual legal action against the show or its creators or Apple TV+. That becomes brutally apparent by the end of the letter, when the pair’s compensation demand comes into play: two “LARGE” boxes of Ted Lasso’s biscuits, which are to be delivered to the Wrexham AFC (before the start of their season).

It’s all especially sort of silly when we remember that McElhenney is the co-creator of a show called Mythic Quest, which the letter name drops (because of course it does), and that streams on Apple TV+. That series has earned itself plenty of praise since its initial premiere, too.

Now it only makes sense that McElhenney and co-writers for Mythic Quest write something up to poke fun at an American football coach tasked to coach an English football club and actually making it work (more or less).

Have you watched Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest? If so, which one of the shows are your favorite?