Journey’s MagSafe-compatible chargers combine luxury with convenience [sponsor]

Journey’s premium MagSafe-compatible chargers for iPhone 12 pair a minimalist, thin design with a sturdy yet light aluminum construction that’s swathed in luxurious leather. These gorgeous wireless chargers are engineered for use at your home or office and in your car.

A lifestyle photo depicting Journey's MagSafe-compatible wireless charger swathed in luxurious leather

Introducing Australian lifestyle tech brand, Journey

If you’re unfamiliar with Journey, it’s an Australian brand behind lifestyle tech accessories inspired by the rugged aesthetics of the Australian landscape.

The latest products Journey has introduced to its wireless charger range are the:

Both items are compatible with Apple’s MagSafe technology, and designed to work with iPhone 12 models. They snap magnetically into place with a satisfying click. Because they are regular Qi chargers, they will work without issues with non-MagSafe accessories like your AirPods charge case, other Qi-compatible smartphones and tablets, and more.

Journey Magnetic Wireless Charger

Equipped with a powerful magnetic array, this Qi wireless charger from Journey is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe technology. Featuring a compact charge disc protected with premium leather, it is designed to charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly at home, work, and more.

A lifestyle photo depicting Journey's MagSafe-compatible wireless charger swathed in luxurious leather

The charger is compatible with cases and comes with a 1.5-meter cable. The extra length allows you to place the accessory in more places such as a desk, nightstand, or bench. And with integrated LED charging indicators, you’re alerted visually when your iPhone is charged.

Journey Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Car Charger snaps easily onto your car’s dashboard vent, plugging into the car’s USB port. Simply snap your iPhone 12 in place to start charging. The thoughtfully designed in-car charger holds your iPhone 12 right where you need it.

A lifestyle photo depicting Journey's MagSafe-compatible wireless car charger and mount

Thanks to its sophisticated mounting mechanism, Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Car Charger can hold your iPhone 12 in either portrait or landscape orientation without the need to readjust the mounting mechanism. This is very convenient for mixed phone use: you can conduct FaceTime calls in portrait, run Maps in landscape, and so forth. And thanks to the premium construction, the durable charger holds your phone steady on all roads.

About Journey’s leather

Raw leather absorbs moisture because its permeable, leaving stains and a surface coloration when exposed to liquid. The full-grain leather that Journey uses for its products not only feels as luxurious as it looks but also has hydrophobic properties, meaning it repels water. The company sources the material from the 108 year-old Heinen leather tannery in Germany.

Pricing and availability

Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Charger comes in black and saddle brown while the company’s Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is only provided in black. Priced each at $39.95, Journey MagSafe chargers are available to order from the Journey web store.