Apple Pay may launch in Central America soon with one bank now testing Wallet support

While Apple Pay is available in a variety of different regions all across the globe, there is still room for expansion. And Apple is working to fill in the holes (some of them very large). As it stands right now, Apple Pay support in Central America is nonexistent, but it looks like the groundwork is being laid down to change that.

As reported today by 9to5Mac, based on information shared to the publication from a reader named Juan, at least one bank is working on support for Apple Wallet — a key element to getting Apple Pay support in a market, too. According to the reader, banking establishment BAC Credomatic has been testing Apple Wallet support in its official iOS app for a few weeks now.

This isn’t a specific indicator that Apple Pay support is in the works. However, a bank must also support the Wallet app –so their cards can be stored digitally and securely– before they can offer Apple Pay. With BAC Credomatic working towards offering Apple Wallet support for its customers, for both Mastercard and Visa cards, this could be a sign that Apple Pay is almost ready for its Central America debut

The report says that the app testing is going on in TestFlight, which isn’t surprising. But, as it stands right now, the Wallet support is not available to the general public. From today’s original report, regarding supported cards:

According to one of the software engineers working there, Visa and Mastercard will be two type of cards accepted for now. Feature hasn’t been enabled for customers.

If this is indeed working towards official support, then BAC Credomatic could be just months away from launching the service support for its customers. Unfortunately, nothing is official just yet and it’s always possible plans could change. It certainly looks like customers in Central America, at least those under the BAC Credomatic roof, will get Apple Wallet/Pay support in the near future.

BAC Credomatic operates in a variety of different locations in Central America, too. So while this test is going on in Costa Rico right now, it seems like it’s only a matter of time after that launch the service is supported in other markets within the region as well.