An audio bug in Apple’s TV app is muting all sound from movie rentals and purchases

Many people seem to be hit with what seems to be a new Apple TV software bug across platforms, with some folks complaining about no audio in purchased movies.


  • Apple’s TV app has audio issues with purchased content
  • The bug mutes audio on movies bought via iTunes
  • It also affects streaming sticks like Chromecast 
  • Users seeking refunds are seeing mixed results

An image showing a person sitting on a couch and watching "Mosquito Coast" on their Apple TV with HomePod mini next to it

Apple’s TV app is muting audio in some movies

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, frustrated users are unable to hear any sound when attempting to play video content bought from iTunes. The bug appears to affect all platforms across which the software is available. Restarting the TV app may get the sound going again, but more often than not it doesn’t. For what it’s worth, it’s pretty inconsistent. There doesn’t seem to be a clear path to the bug, leaving room for speculation.

Just speculating, there may be a DRM copy protection bug somewhere in the chain such that the TV app refuses to decode the soundtrack for users, even though they are doing so legitimately.

Some of the older tweets that we’ve managed to find mention the audio bug happening in other streaming apps as well, not just in Apple’s own TV software.

Affected users who reached out to Apple’s support asking for a solution saw mixed results.

To make matters worse, customers are having mixed results when contacting Apple Support about the problems. Seemingly, Apple Support cannot fix the issue and serve a fresh copy of the movie with music intact—instead they appear to just give out refund to anyone that files a complaint on this matter.

Some folks didn’t even get a refund.

While Apple continues to provide the iTunes Movies and TV Shows apps on Apple TV hardware, you are also permitted to browse and watch your purchased or rented iTunes movies and television shows directly in Apple’s TV app.

How to change streaming and download quality in Apple’s TV app

As per a support document on the Apple website, the TV app is available on the third-generation Apple TV and later, iPhone, iPad, Mac, streaming devices, Smart TVs and gaming consoles.