macOS Safari wallpapers optimized for iPhone, iPad, desktop

One of the most popular collections on our curated iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery is the official Apple section. Today, we add another set of images to that collection with these macOS Safari wallpaper downloads. A colorful blend of abstract geometry and subtle gradients the official Apple Safari wallpapers are now downloadable to your favorite devices.

macOS Safari wallpapers

Optimized by popular iDB featured digital artist, @AR72014, this collection of stock Apple wallpapers is optimized and enhanced for iPhone devices, up to desktop grade monitors. The iPad and desktop versions are offered in a staggeringly large 6016 x 6016 size.

Personally, I love the orange version, which fades to a soft white, then yellow. It reminds me of a warm sunrise but is cleverly contrasted with a cool sky blue gradient in the lower corner. Almost calling a sunrise over a blue ocean vibe out of the background.

AR72014 is not new to optimizing official Apple wallpapers and he makes incredible, original wallpapers for our favorite Apple devices. There is a curated list in our wallpaper gallery of just his digital artwork, downloadable now. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter for almost daily downloads.

Purple Safari wallpaper for iPad or desktop (6016 x 6016)

Purple Safari wallpaper for iPhone

Safari Wallpaper AR72014 iDownloadBlog iPad Desktop Blue

Blue abstract wallpaper macOS Safari wallpaper for iPad and desktop (6016 x 6016)

Blue abstract wallpaper macOS Safari wallpaper for iPhone

Orange and yellow Safari wallpaper macOS default for iPad and desktop (6016 x 6016)

Orange and yellow Safari wallpaper macOS default for iPhone

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