Netflix is going to start offering access to video games in the future

When it comes to playing games on devices, there are a lot of options for subscription services these days. One of the biggest, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, and even Apple’s Apple Arcade, are pretty good value. And now it looks like Netflix is ready to jump on board the bandwagon.

According to a new report today from Bloomberg, Netflix has made several moves to facilitate the addition of video games to its library. Netflix, which started out as an easy way to get DVDs and Blu-rays delivered to your door, has expanded quite a bit over the years. Now it’s a major player in the entertainment industry as a whole, developing original films and TV series to rival other major players, including Apple, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney.

Now, in what’s definitely one of Netflix’s bigger expansions, the company is looking towards video games to fill out its roster of available content.

Netflix Logo

According to the report, Netflix has hired on someone to lead the charge forward into video games. That would be Mike Verdu will be Netflix’s new Vice President of Game Development. Previously, Verdu worked at Facebook as a VP working with game developers to bring titles to Facebook’s virtual reality headset, the Oculus. Verdu also worked at Electronic Arts, in the mobile division for games.

Per the report:

Mike Verdu will join Netflix as vice president of game development, reporting to Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters, the company said on Wednesday. Verdu was previously Facebook’s vice president in charge of working with developers to bring games and other content to Oculus virtual-reality headsets.

Netflix has hinted at video game streaming as being one of its major additions in the past, but has never actually done anything about it — at least not publicly, until now. With this new role created for Verdu, it looks like Netflix is ready to actually move forward with whatever the company’s plans are.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what those are right now. Netflix isn’t releasing any details. It probably won’t be a rental situation, similar to Red Box, but more than likely a push into the streaming market. But we’ll have to wait for more information before that gets settled.

What do you think of Netflix moving into the video game market?