Apple seeds updated HomePod beta 15 after reports of issues cropped up [Update: adds Lossless audio support]

Not too long ago, Apple released iOS 14.6 to the wild. At the same time, Apple also updated the HomePod to version 14.6 of its software as well. And since then, Apple has started seeding version 15 of both platforms, looking forward to the next major update for both.

Update (07/12/2021)The ride to get support for Lossless audio in the HomePod has been a bit of a rollercoaster. While it was supported in the first beta of the HomePod software’s incoming update, the feature was pulled in the second beta. And support was not expected at all for the smart speaker at one point. But, with the third beta, Lossless audio support is now present as noted by 9to5Mac.

You’ll need to be running iOS 15’s latest beta on your iPhone, and your HomePod must be on the invite-only for the beta seed. If you have that, then you can switch on Lossless audio support. To make it work, open the Home app –> tap Home icon –> Home Settings –> Profile –> Media –> Apple Music –> toggle on Lossless Audio.

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Unfortunately for some HomePod owners, those updates have not gone over well for the devices using them. Specifically, after the public launch of HomePod’s 14.6 update, and the beta seed of software version 15, some owners out there in the wild have said their smart speakers have started failing unexpectedly in various ways.

No matter what the issue, whether it’s a random failure to function or overheating, it has led the affected smart speakers from not working at all. Which is obviously a problem. But Apple’s working on a fix. Potentially.

Change what HomePod listens to you

Apple today issued an updated version of HomePod software version 15 to those testing the beta version of the software. The prerelease software is only seeded to those on the invite list, so it’s not available to many in the public domain just yet. HomePod software version 15 will be released to the public alongside the public launches of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and so on.

Unfortunately, it’s just a guess whether or not this update to the prerelease software is meant to fix any of those issues. The release notes for the updated software don’t actually say anything about fixing the problem, though.

This is not a public beta seed, for what it’s worth. It is also worth noting that it does not appear, at least at the time of publication, that Apple has released an updated version of HomePod 14.6. That may change in the near future, and, if it does, we will update this article.

Fingers crossed a fix is on the way for HomePod owners right away, and not a sign they’ll have to wait until this fall.