Some HomePod owners reporting issues after updating the firmware

HomePod software version 14.6 is reportedly causing issues for some people like bricking the Siri-powered speaker. Apple’s upcoming HomePod firmware version 15.0 is affected, too.


  • HomePod software 14.6 and 15.0 beta is causing issues for some
  • Problems include bricking, unresponsiveness and malfunctioning
  • Also reported: Overheating leading to hardware failures 
  • Apple’s yet to acknowledge the issue or deliver a fix

A photo showing a finger touching the HomePod top to pause a song

HomePod software issues in version 14.6 and 15.0 beta

People are complaining about it on online forums like Reddit, social media and elsewhere.

One guy reported that one of his two HomePods suddenly died on him, refusing to power up and no longer responding to touch commands. The device in question was running HomePod software 14.6, the most recent version of the speaker firmware. The poster had two HomePods in a stereo pair configuration connected to surge protectors.

Another poster with the same problem said he had reached out to Apple’s team and got a replacement right away because his unit was covered with AppleCare+. However, AppleCare “didn’t indicate it was a known issue,” the poster clarified, adding that Apple “had no troubleshooting steps beyond replacement.”

If you don’t have a warranty and this happens to you, you’ll end up with a bricked HomePod.

Whichever bug is causing this seems to have carried over to the upcoming HomePod software 15.0. Released for testing to invited users following the WWDC21 keynote, the current HomePod software 15.0 beta leads to overheating, hardware failures and other problems.

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In another Reddit thread, affected customers are advising others to unplug their HomePods in case they start overheating to parvenu the logic board from failing.

As if that weren’t enough, there is no way to downgrade those HomePods to the current stable software. Anyone using the HomePod 15.0 beta software and experiencing these issues should leave any affected HomePods unplugged until Apple delivers a fix.

The terms and conditions of the Apple Beta Software Program, available on Apple’s website, spell out that the company isn’t liable for any damages resulting from running beta software.

HomePod software 14.6 launched alongside iOS 14.6 and other OS updates on May 25, 2021.

According to release notes available in a support document on the Apple website, the 14.6 version lacks any new user-facing features, with the one-line changelog simply acknowledging that the update “includes general performance and stability improvements.”