Apple said to be interested in locking down streaming rights to the NFL’s ‘Sunday Ticket’

Apple TV+ is primarily focused on original content. This leans into TV shows, films, and documentaries. However, there’s still room for growth with a streaming service that doesn’t appear too concerned with buying a large library of content.

And that comes in the form of streaming live content. The NHL recently reworked its whole streaming program for the upcoming 2021-2022 season, dropping NBC and its affiliates in favor of ESPN and other services. Meanwhile, the National Football League is reportedly in talks with Apple right now, which could lead to the company streaming the organization’s football games on one particular day.

According to a report from The Information, Apple and the NFL are currently in talks to have the league’s “Sunday Ticket” games stream on Apple’s platform. However, while Apple is in consideration as far as conversations go, it’s not the only company vying for attention. Other major tech firms are in talks as well, as are the more traditional TV networks.


NFL Sunday Ticket has existed as part of the DirecTV package for years. However, that block of games is now available to auction. This means that anyone interested can have conversations with NFL executives to try and lock it down for future streaming.

As mentioned above, ESPN –which is owned by Disney– recently earned the majority of streaming rights to NHL games moving forward. And according to this report, the company is also looking to secure NFL Sunday Ticket as well. That would put two major sports under ESPN’s belt for live game coverage, something ESPN isn’t necessarily short on in general, but certainly couldn’t hurt.

As for Apple? Well, the report indicates that the company isn’t considered a primary contender. While Apple is more than happy to hand over a ton of money for original films, shows, and documentaries, this is one area the company has reportedly balked at in the past. And this report doesn’t indicate much has changed in that regard.

But this would be a big get for Apple and Apple TV+. Sunday Ticket isn’t just for a single day of games. This package would make it possible for a viewer to watch all out-of-market (as in, not restricted by local/national blackout restrictions) games through the Apple TV app. That would definitely be a big deal for Apple.

It’s also worth noting here that this is not the first time we’ve heard this. Back in January of 2020 it was reported that Apple TV+ could become the next home for NFL’s Sunday Ticket. And Apple has held conversations with other sports organizations in the past, too, including the PAC-12.

Nothing has panned out, though. Would you sign up for Apple TV+ (if you aren’t already) if the streaming service secured some live sports?