A YouTuber creates a tiny DIY handheld PC that can run macOS Big Sur

You can install macOS on ultra-mobile PCs, but one intrepid YouTuber has gone a step further by putting together a DIY handheld macOS machine that runs Apple’s latest Big Sur software.


  • A DIY project puts macOS Big Sur on a custom-built handheld PC
  • He used cheap parts like a Core m3 CPU and a 3D-printed case
  • macOS Big Sur boots and the user interface seems usable

A still from a YouTube video showing a DIY handheld computer running Apple's macOS Big Sur software

How about a handheld macOS device?

YouTuber Ike T. Sanglay Jr. took it upon himself to create a usable handheld PC that fits in your pocket and can run Apple’s macOS Big Sur operating system. He filmed a video documenting the whole process, showing Big Sur booting and the Mac user interface working like a charm.

In creating this tiny device, Sanglay took advantage of inexpensive off-the-shelf parts and semiconductors, including Intel’s Core m3 processor with eight gigabytes of RAM along with an Arduino Leonardo microcontroller board. The computer uses a 240GB SATA SSD with macOS Big Sur preinstalled. The keyboard is a Q9 mini wireless keyboard.

While this isn’t an M1 Mac mini when it comes to speed and responsiveness, Sanglay did appear to create what he calls the world’s first DIY handheld that can run macOS Big Sur. If anything, the project begs the question of the practicality of a handheld macOS device.

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Sanglay acknowledges as much in the video, admitting that a handheld macOS is not practical. “I just want to make one for myself,” he added. While we agree that such a handheld macOS does leave a lot to be desired in terms of everyday usability, that doesn’t change the fact that Sanglay deserves praise for his creative project.