Pixelmator Pro gains AI-powered smart crop tool and other new features in latest update

Pixelmator Pro’s new ML Crop feature takes advantage of artificial intelligence to provide suggestions for eye-catching ways to crop your photos in the latest update.


  • Pixelmator Pro 2.1 code-named “Coral” is now available
  • It includes an AI-powered smart crop feature
  • Pixelmator Pro is still on sale for 50 percent off

A still from the official video promoting the ML Crop feature in Pixelmator Pro 2.1 for Mac

Pixelmator Pro gains AI-powered smart crop

According to a blog post on the Pixelmator website, Pixelmator Pro version 2.1 for macOS includes smart cropping. feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Similar to the app’s existing ML-powered SuperZoom feature and various automatic color adjustments, the new ML Crop feature analyzes the photo to determine the optimal crop.

On M1 Macs with Apple’s Neural engine accelerator for machine learning tasks, the ML Crop feature runs in a fraction of the time it takes an Intel-based Mac to analyze the image. The algorithm then provides suggestions for how you could crop the photo to make it prettier.

This tool isn’t designed to take the creative side out of cropping your photos, but getting a good composition can be tricky for beginners and getting a new perspective on this common task should be useful—especially when there’s machine learning magic involved. By the way, in the Crop tool, you’ll find that we’ve actually redesigned quite a lot of the tool itself, adding perspective correction, crop overlays and more.

Click the new ML Crop button in the Crop tool to get started.

Even if you know how to crop a photo, this can be a helpful way to get some different perspectives for a common photo editing task like cropping without breaking a sweat.

Other changes in Pixelmator Pro 2.1

Other changes in Pixelmator Pro 2.1 for macOS include the ability to set your primary and secondary colors much fun the same way as in Photoshop. Also, there’s a fun new way to change the color of any object in a document using the magic of drag and drop.

You can now paint perfect brush strokes along paths, shapes and selections with the updated Pixelmator Pro app, take advantage of an improved Type tool with a handy new text size slider, a way to adjust paragraph spacing and indents and more.

To celebrate the launch of the new smart crop feature, Pixelmator Pro is currently available with a fifty percent discount for just $20, a steal for such a powerful image editor and a viable Photoshop alternative.

Download Pixelmator Pro from the App Store.