The best iPad stands you can buy now

The iPad lineup is a range of helpful tools. Whether it’s the standard iPad, or all the way up to the iPad Pro, you can get quite a bit done with one of Apple’s tablets. And finding the right tools to help with that is important.

So we’ve put together a list of the best stands you can buy right now for those iPad models out there in the wild. We’ve leaned into universal options, which means the stands will fit all, if not most, of Apple’s tablets, no matter how big or small they are. These are meant mostly to sit on a desk, but some stand options will help you set your iPad just about anywhere you might need.

So let’s get right into it.

The best stands for your iPad you can buy now

Elevation Lab

This stand from Elevation Lab is billed as being for the iPad Pro, mostly, but it will also fit the iPad mini, the iPad, and iPad Air. It’s completely adjustable, ranging from 6 degrees to 45 degrees. For the bigger iPad models, there’s an area around the camera on the stand itself that makes sure the iPad always rests level.

The spring loaded hinge locks into place when you put it at an angle you want, and the stand won’t move around while you’re using it thanks to its composite fiber legs.

There are two options, one with just the stand and one with a “full kit.” They are both available now from Amazon.

Buy Elevation Lab iPad Stand for $59.95 – $79.95

Studio Neat

The Canopy from Studio Neat is pretty wild. It starts as a case for the standalone Magic Keyboard (without the number pad). When it’s closed, it will protect the keys thanks to its durable synthetic canvas exterior. The inside is a soft microfiber liner. It features a leather strap and a stainless steel snap to keep the case closed.

Things get interesting once you open it up. It will fit any iPad (and iPhone!). It uses some folding tricks to offer up a built-in stand option. And it works whether or not the iPad or iPhone is in portrait or landscape mode. And the Magic Keyboard will stay at the base of the iPad thanks to “non-marking micro-suction pads.”

Studio Neat’s Canopy stand for the iPad is available now from Amazon.

Buy Studio Neat iPad stand for $19.99

Twelve South Compass Pro

The Compass Pro from Twelve South offers up a tripod style to its stand. In this mode, it will hold up your iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro in either portrait or landscape modes. It’s a compact design, lightweight, and built from metal and soft silicone.

That back leg is where the magic is, though. You can actually slide it backwards and reach different viewing angles for the iPad. That includes all the way down for optimal use cases when you want to draw or type on the screen.

Twelve South also includes a protective sleeve, so you can safely bring the small stand with you when you need. It’s available from Amazon in silver and black colors.

Buy Twelve South Compass Pro for iPad for $58.99 – $59.99


This iPad stand from Lamicall is lightweight, easy to move around, and fits every size iPad. It can hold them in either portrait or landscape modes. And the stand itself offers up several different viewing angles thanks to its adjustable hinge. There are small rubber cushions where the iPad is held on the stand, making sure to protect it from any scratches with regular usage.

The whole in the stand itself makes for a quick way to manage cables. The Lamicall stand is available from Amazon in black, grey, and silver color options.

Buy Lamicall iPad stand for $13.99 – $17.99

Twelve South HoverBar

The HoverBar from Twelve South is another unique option. It offers a familiar stand right out of the box. The arm is fully adjustable and the base is weighed down, making sure that even as you move the arm around to move the iPad to your preferred viewing angle, the base won’t move with it.

The HoverBar also comes with a shelf clip. This is where the design gets interesting. You can actually remove the arm from the weighted stand and use that shelf clip to attach it to a shelf in, say, your kitchen. This means you don’t need to have your iPad on the counter, taking up potentially precious space, while you watch or read from the tablet.

It fits all iPad sizes and models. Twelve South it will work in most situations even if the iPad has a case installed.

The HoverBar is available now from Amazon.

Buy Twelve South HoverBar iPad stand for $79.36

If you have any suggestions for an iPad stand, be sure to let us know in the comments.