The best iPad stands for all iPad models

The right iPad stand can work wonders to truly elevate your experience (pun intended). It can hold your tablet at just the right angle for reading, watching videos, making a presentation, drawing, writing, or anything else you’re doing. This can help prevent wrist and neck strain and also protect your iPad from slipping from your hands or accidentally sliding off your desk or bed.

We’ve picked out the best iPad stands that work with all iPad models while fitting different needs and budgets.

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Best iPad Stands

Editor’s choice: Twelve South HoverBar Duo

twelve south hoverbar ipad stand

If you want to invest in one iPad stand that does the work of many, the Twelve South HoverBar Duo is in a league of its own. It includes a weighted desktop stand and a shelf clamp that helps you attach it almost anywhere. You can set it up at infinite viewing angles and heights for convenient video calls, recordings, and more. Moreover, it’s easy to switch between landscape and portrait orientation.

Like other Twelve South products, this stand boasts top-notch build quality that’ll last you for a long time to come. At the same time, it’s compatible with almost all tablets and even phones. The robust clip holds devices as small as 5″ wide and up to 8.68″ wide. This makes it a multipurpose and convenient stand for both work and leisure purposes. However, do bear in mind that the clamp won’t fit on shelf edges thicker than 1.4 inches.

Price: $52.79

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Best for drawing/writing: Elevation Lab DraftTable

elevation lab ipad stand

If you’re a digital artist or someone who takes a lot of notes using an Apple Pencil, the Elevation Lab DraftTable stand for iPads will add the ultimate convenience to your life. It offers four viewing angles and stays securely in place while you let the creative juices flow.

The ergonomic design means you can adjust it to just the right position to minimize strain on your hands and neck. It works with all iPad models and the medical-grade silicon top protects and holds your device. At the same time, it folds up flat so you can easily store or carry it anywhere.

Price: $79.95

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Best budget iPad stand – AmazonBasics

amazon basics ipad stand

If you just want a cheap iPad stand that gets the job done, AmazonBasics has got you covered. Check out this handy portable stand that easily adjusts to multiple viewing angles using a convenient side button. It steadily holds your device in either portrait or landscape position for hands-free viewing.

It consists of a durable zinc-alloy body that can hold up to 11 pounds and folds flat when closed. A removable rubber pad enables slip and scratch-resistant performance. Given the small size of the stand, it may not be suitable for the larger iPad Air or iPad Pro, especially if your tablet is in a chunky case. So, go for it if you have a regular iPad or iPad mini.

Price: $10.49

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Best for presentations – Belkin

belkin ipad stand

Are you a professional or a student who often gives presentations? Then it may be worth investing in this nifty iPad stand from Belkin. It features an adjustable platform that securely holds your device above the stage. You can position your iPad camera to focus on a page, document, or other object and connect a projector, TV, or monitor to display your live feed on the big screen.

Further, you can use the Belkin Stage app to create labels, record videos, and share your presentation online in real time. Further, the steep 80-degree angle is ideal for recording presentations or lectures by positioning the camera above the stand, while the intermediate angle is ideal for video calls. At the same time, the integrated cable management system keeps your workspace or podium clutter-free. It also folds flat for easy portability wherever you go!

Price: $79.99

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Best for home use – Ontel Pillow Pad

ontel pillow pad stand

We all love chilling out with our iPads for a binge-watching session in bed or FaceTime with family and friends. Here’s a handy stand that’s perfect for just such times. It’s made of soft foam yet is sturdy enough to prop up your tablet anywhere, whether it’s on the kitchen table, the couch, or the seat-back tray on a plane.

The dual-edged design will keep your iPad steadily in place at an ergonomic angle that won’t tire your neck or wrists. It features a built-in side pocket to store other things like your phone, charging cable, AirPods, reading glasses, etc. What’s more, the removable suede cover is machine washable so that you can keep it germ-free. You can pick from blue, gray, and burgundy color options.

Price: $17.99

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Thin and lightweight  – MOFT

moft lightweight ipad stand

The problem with most iPad stands is that they can be somewhat bulky, even if they fold down like some of the options on this list. To combat this, check out this sleek stand from MOFT that’s no longer than a book and no thicker than a pair of credit cards. Yet it’s still sturdy enough to prop up your iPad securely. It’s especially useful when you want to view your device in portrait orientation.

It offers three viewing angles in both landscape and portrait orientation. The design makes it easy to adjust the angle as you like.  Moreover, it’s not just a stand but doubles up as a handheld grip for your device when its outer layer is propped out away from the body. So, you can securely carry your iPad on the go. There is a range of color options to choose from!

Price: $29.99

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Most travel-friendly – Twelve South Compass Pro

twelve south compass pro ipad stand

Here’s another iPad stand from Twelve South that looks like a tripod with a positionable back leg that allows for three different viewing angles. It’s made of metal and silicone, which provides stability while protecting your device from scratches. The small size makes it perfect for travel or commutes.

You can flip down its second leg to transform it into a typing or sketching position. Further, it folds flat for complete portability and works seamlessly with most iPad covers & cases. It also comes with a protective travel sleeve that makes it convenient to carry anywhere.

Price: $52.28

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Minimal and inexpensive – Lamicall

lamicall portable ipad stand

When price is a deciding factor, this Lamicall tablet stand is a steal at just ten dollars. It’s small and unobtrusive, yet can support iPads of up to 13 inches. At the same time, it provides ergonomic viewing angles between  54°-70°. It can be adjusted in two heights by pressing and pushing up the center button.

Further, the foldable design makes it easy to carry in your bag or take to different rooms in your house. It also doubles up as an iPhone stand and is perfect for the kitchen table, nightstand, or desk. The low price means you can buy a couple and have them ready to go wherever you need them.

Price: $9.99

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