Apple Music to hold an “Introducing Spatial Audio” special event after the WWDC21 keynote

Apple Music has set a special event to detail the upcoming Spatial Audio enhancements. The virtual presentation is happening on June 7, two hours after the main WWDC21 keynote talk.


  • Apple Music’s special event starts June 7 at 12pm PT.
  • The main WWDC keynote has been scheduled for 10am PT.
  • The State of the Union talk starts later on June 7 at 2pm PT.

Apple Music spatial audio event has been scheduled after the WWDC21 keynote on June 7 at 12pm PT

Apple Music’s Spatial Audio special event

Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos special event is taking place June 7 at 12pm PT.

“Hear where the music takes you,” reads Apple’s description of the now-removed video promoting the upcoming event within the Music app, shared on Twitter.

“Listen to Introducing Spatial Audio, a streaming radio station on Apple Music,” it continues. Apple has since made the underlying link inactive. Also, searching for “Introducing Spatial Audio” in Apple Music search produces nothing.

The Apple Music event is happening two hours after the start of the WWDC keynote at 10am PT and two hours before the State of the Union talk happening at 2pm PT. The Apple Music event couldn’t be found on the WWDC schedule at post time.

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By the way, the State of the Union should be very interesting. This is a more developer-focused keynote covering improvements and the various technical aspects of Apple’s software platforms in much greater detail than the more consumer-focused WWDC21 talk.

Detailing spatial audio at WWDC21

Apple’s platforms have supported spatial audio since iOS 14.

Spatial audio is a feature that takes advantage of computational audio to bring you simulated surround sound on the AirPods, stereo speakers and other compatible devices, based on true 3D surround sound data like with Dolby Atmos-encoded movies.

What is spatial audio on Apple devices and how do I use it?

Apple has since announced that Apple Music tracks will be encoded in Dolby Atmos. And to tell its army of developers all about it, it’s going to hold a special event just for it.

Apple has promised to launch spatial audio publicly on ‌Apple Music‌ this month.