Tidal now has an Apple Watch app that supports offline listening

Tidal has been around for quite some time now, but somehow offering an Apple Watch app hasn’t been a priority. That’s finally changing today.

Today, Tidal is now available for the Apple Watch. It’s an official Apple Watch app, so subscribers will be able to download and install the app directly onto the smartwatch (through the Apple Watch App Store). However, it’s not as simple as just downloading the app and calling it good. There’s a three-step process to get up and running.

Tidal confirmed the process on its website. The first step is downloading and installing the app on the Apple Watch. You’ll need to launch the app, and then, on your iPhone, go to link.tidal.com. There will be a code displayed on your Apple Watch, which you will need to input on the website. Then, select “Done” on your Apple Watch. Then you can use the app on your smartwatch.

Tidal subscribers will get the same benefits on the Apple Watch as they do their iPhone. That means an ad-free listening experience. With the Apple Watch app, listeners won’t need to have their iPhone nearby to listen to music. You can stream music and control media playback right on your wrist. And the app also supports offline listening, which should be a welcomed addition for subscribers.

In related news, Spotify recently launched offline listening support for its Apple Watch app, too.

Tidal starts at $9.99 per month for its standard plan.