A serial leaker says Apple’s MacBooks refresh could adopt bright iMac colors

Apple’s new iMac all-in-one desktop lineup features a range of softer, pastel colors that the company could adopt for its upcoming MacBook notebooks, claims a serial leaker.


  • Apple is expected to refresh Mac notebooks soon.
  • The new MacBooks could adopt the new iMac’s colors.
  • It’s unclear if all Mac notebooks will come in vivid colors.

Will upcoming MacBooks come in iMac colors?

iMore reports that the claim was made by Jon Prosser in his latest report on YouTube.

Prosser states that the same source that gave him information regarding the color options for the 2021 iMac, which turned out to be true, has told Prosser they have seen a colored MacBook prototype in blue that looked ‘absolutely amazing’. Prosser says the source did not give him a timeline or any indication as to which MacBook this might be referring to.

Prosser is a serial Apple leaker with a decent track record ins terms of breaking Apple’s secrets, but he’s not perfect. In this particular instance, however, it’s worth mentioning that Prosser accurately leaked Apple’s colorful iMacs so do keep that in mind.

Apple is expected to update the MacBook Pro lineup this year with the current 16-inch model and a new 14-incher running Apple silicon instead of Intel chips. Some of the models could also utilize mini-LED display technology that made its debut in the 2021 iPad Pro.

On top of all that, the MacBook Pro family is rumored to revive some of the features that many people have been missing, including an SD card slot, an HDMI port and MagSafe charging. At the same time, the Touch Bar is thought to be phased out from the lineup.