Epic Games CEO says if Apple had offered an App Store deal, he would have taken it

Epic Games vs. Apple is going full-steam ahead. As such, even more details are being revealed. Today, it’s Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, testifying and being cross-examined.

9to5Mac broke down what happened while Sweeney was on the stand. As expected, Apple’s cross-examination went over a variety of different topics, but the focus appeared to be Apple trying to prove to the court that Epic Games benefits from Apple. And, as such, Apple taking a cut from revenue for providing those things just makes sense.

Apple’s lawyer asked Sweeney several questions throughout the cross-examination. For instance, the chief executive confirmed that Apple’s 30% tax is “the most prevalent rate charged” by other companies, including Microsoft and Sony. Apple’s argued the same thing, that it practices the same fee rate as other company platforms.

Things got interesting, though, when Sweeney was asked about a potential deal with Apple that would see Epic Games getting hit with a smaller Apple commission from the App Store. The lawyer asks, “If Apple had told you that it would offer you a deal and no other developers, would you have accepted that?”

Sweeney, not mincing words, says:

Yes, I would have.

Which, honestly, makes sense. If you’ve been paying any attention to the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, it’s been revealed in other documentation that Epic Games made plenty of deals with other companies to make things happen it wanted to get done. So, taking a deal from Apple would probably be right in line with Epic Games’ goals.

The report also notes that Sweeney uses an iPhone. Why? Because Sweeney likes Apple’s focus on privacy and security.

There’s going to be so much more coming out of this trial, and it’s all very exciting.