Apple seeds second iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, tvOS 14.6, and watchOS 7.5 betas to developers

Apple seeded the first developer beta of iOS 14.6 even before the company released iOS 14.5 to the public. But now that that major update is out there, the company is pushing ahead with the next one.

On Friday, Apple seeded the second iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, tvOS 14.6, and watchOS 7.5 betas to developers. As is par for the course, this prerelease software isn’t meant to be installed on daily drivers. It’s specifically meant for testing purposes, and the software may be a little too rough for daily usage.

Apple will likely seed a corresponding public beta for select software in the near future.

To update, developers simply need to make sure they have the correct configuration profile on their device(s). The newest betas can be installed as over-the-air (OTA) updates. However, for the Apple Watch the smartwatch must have at least 50% battery life, be connected to its charger, and also be paired with the iPhone before it can be updated.

Apple also seeded HomePod 14.6 as well.

As far as what’s new, it does not appear to be much. The first beta did not reveal any major forward facing new features for the user. That will likely remain the case with the second (and future) betas. However, if there are any new features discovered in this latest seed, we will update this post accordingly.