Half of all iPad and Mac sales in the second fiscal quarter of 2021 came from new customers

Customer retention is important to companies, including Apple. (That’s why iMessage isn’t on Android.) But it’s also good to sweep new customers off their feet, too. Which is apparently what’s happening for Mac and iPad, at least in the second fiscal quarter of this year.

Earlier today, Apple announced its results for the second fiscal quarter of 2021. At the time, the company confirmed that both Mac and iPad sales were trending in the right direction. iPad, for instance, raked in $7.8 billion over the last three months, which is a 79% increase from last year. And the Mac? According to Apple that product brought in $9.1 billion, which is a 70% increase year-over-year.

So, not bad!

But maybe even better is Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO, confirming that a whopping 50 percent of customers who bought an iPad or a Mac in the second fiscal quarter of 2021 were new owners. That’s good news all by itself, but it also signifies even more potential customers to jump on Apple’s speeding Services train, too.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, expanded on that initial fact from Maestri, saying that two-thirds of iPad and Mac sales in China went to new customers, too.

Impressive numbers across the board for Apple. It will be interesting to see how the next two quarters fair for the company — and whether or not the Services division will continue to see its quarterly revenue increase.