Outputter for Twitter, Space Era, Liro, and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s episode of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a very unique Twitter client, an AR companion for space nerds and a captioning app for videos. And as always, we’ve selected two great games for you to check out.

Outputter for Twitter

Here’s a new and interesting take on the typical Twitter client. Outputter is distraction-free—there’s no timeline or real-time notifications—all you can do is view, post and delete your own Tweets, and reply to and like mentions. That’s it. I know it’s not going to be for everyone, but it could fundamentally change how you use/view the social network.

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Space Era – AR Star Guide

Space Era is an AR universe observatory you can carry in your pocket. Simply point your iPhone or iPad to the Sky and you can view 1200 satellites, see real-time photos of the sun and read more than 1000 interesting facts. I know there are already some great apps in this space, but the design and AR features make this one worth considering as well.

Download for $4

Liro: Captions for Stories

Did you know that 85% of mobile users watch videos without sound? I have no idea if that stat is accurate, but I know I watch a ton of videos with the sound off. So I always love it when videos are captioned, and secretly always wondered how it’s done. This app does it. It recognizes your voice and adds customizable captions to your video by timestamp.

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Climb Fling

Climb Fling is a fun physics climbing game, with a focus on flinging! Seriously that’s it, that’s the pitch. Look it has 50 levels, customizable characters and the gameplay is actually pretty fun for a physics-flinger. Wait, did I just coin a new gaming category?

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Core Defense

Finally we have Core Defense, a tower defense title infused with rougelike mechanics and deck-building for simple, yet addicting gameplay. There are 20+ difficulty levels, unlockable rewards, dozens of achievements and you can save and share infographics about your runs. I’m not a huge tower defense gamer, but this one looks worth checking out.

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