Kuo reiterates that Apple plans to showcase its mixed reality headset in 2022

TF International Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, who is the world’s top analyst when it comes to predicting Apple’s future moves, has reiterated his earlier prediction that Apple plans to showcase its heavily-rumored mixed reality (MR) headset sometime in 2022.


  • Kuo is doubling-down on his prediction.
  • He says that Apple’s headset will be demoed in 2022.
  • He doesn’t say when it might go on sale.

Kuo: Apple mixed reality headset due in 2022

MacRumors has the story:

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously stated that Apple’s mixed reality headset would debut in the middle of next year, and in a new note today obtained by MacRumors, the highly-respected analyst is once again doubling down that Apple plans to showcase its mixed reality headset in 2022.

No further information was provided by Kuo.

His note to clients does corroborate recent reporting by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says Apple is planning on announce the headset via in-person event in the next several months.

Kuo doubles-down on his earlier prediction

In March 2021, Kuo claimed Apple would drop an extremely lightweight MR headset in 2022 said to combine the best features of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products.

Current prototypes apparently weigh between 200 grams and 300 grams, the revered analyst has learned, although the shipping version is said to be only 100-200 grams—assuming Apple can successfully solve the significant technical problems plaguing development.

The device should be a self-contained, standalone accessory powered by custom chips and custom software and feature a pair of high-resolution 8K micro-OLED displays.

Here’s an excerpt from Kuo’s earlier note:

Although Apple has been focusing on AR, we think the hardware specifications of this product can provide an immersive experience that is significantly better than existing VR products. We believe that Apple may highly integrate this helmet with video-related applications (like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, etc.) as one of the key selling points.

He thinks the accessory is coming as soon as the middle of 2021, according to that report.

Showcased or actually launched in 2022?

Although the new report from Kuo doubles-down on that earlier prediction he made, the analyst doesn’t say whether the device will go on sale by the middle of 2021 or just be showcased.

We think it’s the latter.

Given Apple’s history of previewing some of its new-category products months in advance before they go on sale, it would make sense for the company to officially announce the product at next year’s WWDC, which is a developer-only event. Doing so would give developers ample time to create downloadable third-party apps for when the accessory goes on sale.