Apple teaming up with Walgreens to launch a COVID-19 vaccination program for employees

To make sure that Apple employees can secure a COVID-19 vaccination, the company is rolling out a program with Walgreens.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is launching a program, alongside Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., to make sure that its employees can get vaccinated. The program will kick off with a dedicated website that will allow Apple employees to sign up for a vaccination appointment.

Once the appointment is set up, those same employees will be able to get their shot at the office directly.

Per the report:

The company is working with Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. to give workers the shots at Apple offices. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is rolling out a website for staff to sign up for appointments. The company previously told staff that, as a private company, it didn’t have access to Covid-19 vaccines for staff members. However, vaccine availability in California has expanded considerably and all residents in the state are now eligible to receive shots.

As it stands right now, Apple hasn’t said when it plans to bring its employees back to its offices. The expectation is for sometime in June, but that may change before that month rolls around. And Apple hasn’t requested employees to return right now, either.

Still, the company has not yet asked employees to return, nor is an imminent return required for signing up for a shot through the program, the people said.

This program will hopefully make it even easier for Apple employees to get vaccinated, which is good news all around.