Apple TV+ shares official trailer for whale documentary ‘Fathom’ ahead of June 25 premiere

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple confirmed it would be hosting yet another documentary on Apple TV+. This one’s called Fathom, and it’s all about humpback whales.

The documentary film is meant to show viewers an “intimate portrait of science in action”, as it follows a pair of scientists trying to decipher the complex communication between humpback whales. The film is set to debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 25, of this year. Ahead of that, we’ve got our first official trailer.

You can check out the trailer just below:

And here’s how Apple describes the documentary:

On June 25, a conversation begins. Watch as Dr. Michelle Fournet and Dr. Ellen Garland journey to opposite hemispheres on an undertaking as colossal as their humpback whale subjects—deciphering the complex communication of whales to uncover a culture in the oceans older than humankind.

Fathom was filmed and directed by Drew Xanthopoulos (The Sensitives), and will follow a pair of scientists, Dr. Michelle Fournet and Dr. Ellen Garland. They are studying whale song and social communication, but their research is taking place at different locations. Viewers of the documentary will get to witness parallel research from two different scientists, ultimately aiming for similar results.

Impact Partners, Sandbox Films, Walking Upstream Pictures, Hidden Candy, and Back Allie Entertainment are producing the documentary.

Now that you’ve seen a trailer for Apple TV+’s newest documentary, do you think you’ll be checking it out once it launches?