Apple may unveil a podcasts subscription service at the “Spring Loaded” event tomorrow

Apple has been predicted to announce a new paid subscription service for podcasts at its “Spring Loaded” special online-only event tomorrow, according to a well-connected reporter.


  • Apple may add podcast subscriptions soon.
  • Such a service could be unveiled tomorrow.
  • Recent findings in iOS 14.5 support the claim.

Subscriptions coming to Apple Podcasts?

Vox’s Peter Kafka tweeted today that he is “pretty sure Apple is prepping its own podcast plan—a paid subscription service—on Tuesday,” according to his post on Twitter. Analysts have been calling for an Apple Podcasts+ subscription service. Such a service would help boost the value of the Apple One subscriptions if included in some of the tiers at no additional charge.

Bloomberg and The Information claim Apple talked to production companies about a podcasts subscription service that would offer exclusive shows. With Spotify making numerous acquisitions of podcast production companies, Apple will need to make a move—and soon.

Clues of paid podcasts in iOS 14.5

Steve Moser, who mines software releases for hidden gems, recently discovered evidence of the upcoming feature in the iOS 14.5 code. He was able to confirm that Kafka’s prediction about a paid Apple Podcasts services being debuted tomorrow lines up with his own findings.

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He recently discovered that iOS 14,5’s slightly tweaked Podcast app sports an account button on the Listen Now tab similar to the account button in the Music app or the App Store app.

Before iOS 14.5, the Podcasts app didn’t show your profile picture or account information.

The inclusion of that section in iOS 14.5 strongly suggests some kind of paid functionality is coming to the software. Both iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 are currently in the testing stages.

Apple has confirmed the updates will launch publicly later in the spring but hasn’t said when.