AppTrans lets you transfer WhatsApp and all your apps across iPhone and Android [sponsor]

AppTrans for iPhone and Android is dedicated to easy app and data transfer regardless of your platform of choice. Whether you’d like to create a complete backup of all the apps on your phone or just a subset of the ones you need, extract your WhatsApp chats and more, this cool new piece of software from mobile developer iMobie will get the job done.

Transferring apps between iPhone and Android

Billed as the first free solution for transferring mobile apps, AppTrans lets you retain all your apps along with their data when moving from, say, your old Android device to your new iPhone.

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This awesome feature will especially appeal to switchers. It simply downloads Android versions of your favorite iPhone apps while transferring app data seamlessly between platforms. In addition to backing up everything on your phone, you can make backups specifically for certain apps, like Viber, your documents, game saves, Minecraft progress, etc.

Transfer apps iOS Android WhatsApp chats

AppTrans lets you preview the backup content to see if it contains what you need before you restore. This is a great feature because you can easily restore just your lost data, like your WhatsApp chats, rather than perform a full restore that overwrites everything on the device.

Transfer apps iOS Android WhatsApp chats

The software supports three types of backup files: your iOS device backups created in iTunes, WhatsApp backups on Google Drive and the backups made with AppTrans (encrypted backups are supported as well). The best thing about AppTrans is that it doesn’t limit you in terms of OS platforms: you can easily restore, say, an Android backup to your iPhone without any problems.

AppTrans also takes care of your WhatsApp chats.

Transfer your WhatsApp chats in a cinch

You can transfer WhatsApp chats between different iPhones or Android handsets, including between different operating systems. Yup, AppTrans lets you transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android like a boss! What’s more, the WhatsApp transfer function can merge your WhatsApp conversations from two different phones or even from two different WhatsApp accounts.

Further details on WhatsApp-related features can be found on the official App Trans website.

Transfer apps iOS Android WhatsApp chats

In addition to phone-to-phone transfer, the software also supports exporting your entire WhatsApp history to your computer as a backup. Once WhatsApp is backed up on your Mac or PC, you can easily browse your chats to verify that everything has been backed up, print specific text messages and more.

But what if you don’t have a copy of your WhatsApp data on a computer? Don’t worry, AppTrans also works with your local iPhone backups created in iTunes or the Finder. This lets you do things like restore WhatsApp data from your iTunes backup to an Android device.

Transfer apps iOS Android WhatsApp chats

On Android, moving WhatsApp between platforms can be challenging because WhatsApp for Android uses Google Drive for backup while the iOS edition uses iCloud. But with AppTrans, viewing and exporting your WhatsApp data directly from Google Drive is a cinch.

That’s right, you can restore your WhatsApp chats from Google Drive to your iPhone making AppTrans the only tool that supports this function. WhatsApp is not the only supported chat platform: App Trans also works with other messaging apps like Viber, Kik, Line, etc.

Pricing and availability

In addition to the free version of AppTrans, there’s also a paid version, dubbed AppTrans Pro.

AppTrans Pro unlocks all the advanced features, such as cross-OS app transfer which will prove extremely handy for managing apps between iOS and Android without workarounds.