Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 13.0-13.7 updated to v1.3.2 with extensive list of changes

While much of the jailbreak hype these days has to do with iOS and iPadOS 14, it’s important to consider that iOS & iPadOS 13 are still considered “modern” in the jailbreak world.

With that in mind, it may come as no surprise to seasoned jailbreakers that the Odyssey Team has released an update for the iOS & iPadOS 13-centric Odyssey jailbreak tool this morning despite spending most of its effort releasing and refining the new iOS & iPadOS 14-centric Taurine jailbreak tool.

The brand-new Odyssey version 1.3.2 release, which was only just announced via the official @OdysseyTeam_ Twitter account and Sileo / Taurine / Odyssey Discord channel is now available to all users:

Citing the change log, Odyssey v1.3.2 appears to implement the following changes:

– Fixes crash with Ford vehicles with CarPlay
– Fixes zsh failing to spawn sometimes
– Uses cicuta_virosa as default exploit
– Updates bundled Procursus strap with latest updates
– Removes migration
– Fixes UI crash in app when swiping left too fast on the menu
– Removes oob_events
– Exploit selector now has cicuta_virosa, FTSB and tardy0n
– Fixes crash when entering malformed commands into a terminal

One thing worth noting is that the Odyssey jailbreak now takes advantage of the cicuta_verosa exploit instead of oob_events. This is the same exploit that powers the newer Taurine jailbreak. Further, an important fix regarding CarPlay in Ford-branded vehicles has now been fixed.

As promised, this version of Odyssey supports CoolStar’s new Jailbreak Updater extension, which allows a user of Odyssey or Taurine to update their jailbreak over the air with a simple Terminal command as root.

While the aforementioned tool doesn’t update the jailbreak app itself, it does incorporate all of the latest bug fixes, patches, and improvements in a pinch when you might be away from a computer and unable to use AltStore. It can be convenient in many fringe cases where a computer is out of reach, but we still recommend updating the jailbreak app manually regardless, just in case you need to reboot and jailbreak again at a later date.

Like with all jailbreak app releases, we traditionally recommend that uses download and install the latest version of their jailbreak app whenever they can, and this release of Odyssey is no different.

If you’re already using the Odyssey jailbreak, then you can download the latest version from theodyssey.dev and side load it with AltStore at your earliest convenience. If you’re not already using the Odyssey jailbreak and you need some help getting started, then you should follow the steps outlined in our detailed tutorial.

Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of the Odyssey jailbreak yet, or are you using something else in the meantime? Let us know in the comments section down below.