Chipolo announces the ONE Spot item tracker that uses Apple’s Find My network

Earlier today, Apple announced that it had expanded its Find My network to third-party companies. This means that they can use the secure Find My network, too. And Chipolo jumped at the chance.

Announced alongside Apple’s own big news, Chipolo officially unveiled what it called the ONE Spot item tracker. It’s a small, circular item tracker that can easily attach to things like a key ring or similar items. It can be easily tossed into a bag, too, thanks to its minimalist design and size.

The ONE Spot works exclusively with Apple’s Find My network. And while the company unveiled the small black circular item tracker, it did not divulge just how much the accessory will cost. The company also notes that potential customers can join a wait list right now, which will give them a chance to pre-order the device before the first batch sells out.

The ONE Spot will start shipping sometime in June of this year. You can sign up for the waitlist at Chipolo’s website.

Chipolo says the tracking device is lightweight and water resistant. It boasts a replaceable battery, but the first one will last up to 12 months on its initial charge.

As for how it will work with Find My, it’s as you’d expect. The tracker will be tracked through the updated “Items” tab within the Find My app. The Find My app will show a map of the tracker’s last known location, and it will support Lost Mode as well.

The majority of the features baked into the ONE Spot are what we’ve been hearing Apple’s oft-rumored AirTags will feature, too. That includes the similar, round design and lightweight size. AirTags are also expected to have a battery that will last several months, if up to a year, on a single charge, and be user replaceable. AirTags are also expected to be water resistant.

It’s interesting that Apple didn’t launch AirTags alongside the updated Find My experience, but this also feels like Apple is showing regulators that it’s not entirely against third-party companies from using its services, either. Tile, the leader in item tracking accessories, hasn’t always been happy with Apple — and that certainly became true when rumors of AirTags first started circulating.

But Tile wants Apple to more broadly accept other company efforts, not just force those companies to rely on something like Find My. Apple launching the new Find My network and experience, along with the updated app, alongside the unveiling of a third-party item tracker is interesting.

In any event, if you’re curious about the Chipolo, you can sign up for the wait list here.