Apple’s AirTags may be smaller than Tile Pro and cost around $39

The rumor mill has gone a bit quiet on Apple’s oft-rumored Tile-like tracking device, AirTags. But considering Apple hasn’t actually launched the accessory yet, there’s still time to try and guess the details before Apple confirms anything.

This week, leaker Max Weinbach, via Everything Apple Pro on YouTube, commented on the incoming AirTags. The comment itself is more about the finer details, like how AirTags themselves will work within Apple’s ecosystem in general. Weinbach also comments on the potential size of the tracking device, measuring in at 32mm x 32mm x 6mm.

If that size does pan out, then it would mean the upcoming AirTags will be smaller than the current Tile Pro. That accessory measures in at 42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm.

Weinbach comments on the pricing for the upcoming AirTags, too. By his estimate, Apple will probably price the device around $39. He does say that this is just an estimate, though, and not concrete. So, the price point could change before Apple gets around to launching AirTags. Whenever that might be.

Weinbach goes on talking about the inner-workings of the AirTags, noting that the device will rely on the Find My network (which is expected). He says:

As for the inner-workings of AirTags, it’ll use the Find My network from devices to send the UUID of the AirTag to the Apple servers for pinging. No other data from the tags get transferred. My guess is there’s just a BLE beacon broadcasting that at any given moment that the iPhones pick up on.

Weinbach says the AirTags will also be able to pick up on other AirTags that are nearby, pinging off one another. They’ll pass data along from one tag to another as they come within range of one another.

As for the size, it’s interesting to hear that AirTags will apparently be available only in one size. Back in October it was reported that Apple was leaning into offering two different sizes, one smaller than the other. Weinbach’s reporting here doesn’t suggest the company is still going down that path, though.

Accessory makers are gearing up for the launch of AirTags, and some are expecting the accessory to launch later this year. Maybe in October. Apple could very well announce the tracking device at the same time as the new iPhone, for instance. If that is indeed the case, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get any official information.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of AirTags?