Apple gives the Apple Music for Artists app icon a new look

Late last year, Apple updated the App Store Connect app icon, giving it a more embossed look to it. Something quite different from the other app icons the company hosts for its first-party apps. And now there’s a second app embracing the new design.

As noted today by MacRumors, Apple has officially updated the Apple Music for Artists app icon. Gone is the multicolored, gradient look with the white music note up front. In its place is an icon with a lot more open space, with a pink-red rounded square border and the same-colored musical note. The note itself looks like it was carved right out of the white surface.

You can see the differences between the two app icons just below:

It’s certainly distinct and eye-catching, even if it does abandon all the colors to get there. What’s more, it follows the same aesthetic philosophy the company introduced with the change to the App Store Connect app icon last year. As noted in the original report, there are some on Reddit who believe this change suggests Apple is working on a bigger change for iOS in general.

That could certainly be the case. It’s also worth noting that this new app icon is basically the inverse of what’s presently available for the end user on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. On those platforms the Apple Music app icon is primarily that shade of pink-red, with the white musical note front-and-center. Maybe Apple is swapping the colors for the general public and developers.

The change is certainly interesting. What do you think? Would you prefer that be the standard Apple Music app icon moving forward?