On the latest Downtime podcast episode: Apple Watch Explorer Edition, smaller notches, a beef with Siri, and more

Sebastien and Cody talk about potential design and features of the rumored Explorer edition Apple Watch. They also discuss their ongoing beef with Siri, Sebastien’s odd musical tastes and Cody’s gambling problem. Check it out!

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Apple Watch Explorer Edition with a rugged casing may launch in 2021 or 2022

Apple acquired more AI companies than Google and Amazon dating back to 2016

Leaked image shows off reported smaller notch and relocated earpiece in upcoming iPhone 13

What we’ve been watching

  • Superstore on Hulu
  • Justified on Hulu
  • Cherry on Apple TV+


Nathan via Twitter asks: Are there any new apps you have downloaded and/or discovered recently?

Conath via Twitter asks: (Cody) You’ve previously talked about betting on the podcast (fantasy football and other things ). How’s that going? Have you been betting recently? And: Do you think it’s a problem, like a “bad” addiction? Or is it a reasonable amount & hobby?

Bybymax via Twitter asks: I’d love to know if you ve watched the Calls series on @AppleTVPlus on your watch section 😉 and what you thought about it. Won’t lie, I just watched ep1 and loved it. See you on Monday, same time, same place! Peace !

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