Apple releases ‘3C39’ firmware update for AirPods Max

Apple has issued a firmware update for its latest AirPods-branded headphones, the over-ear AirPods Max.

On Tuesday, Apple released a firmware update for the AirPods Max. The new software brings the firmware version to “3C39”. The over-ear headphones launched in December of last year, and, since then, Apple has issued two firmware updates for the headphones.

Unfortunately, as is par for the course, we don’t know what Apple is adding or changing with the AirPods Max’s latest firmware update. Apple doesn’t offer release notes for these firmware updates. As noted today by MacRumors, though, there are reports out there that AirPods Max battery life isn’t great with daily use. So it’s possible the firmware update is designed to address that issue.

Resource: How to restart or reset AirPods Max to factory settings

While the new firmware update is available now, there’s no direct way to actually upgrade the headphones. However, you can check to see which firmware is loaded onto your AirPods Max by making sure the headphones are connected and paired to your iPhone, then opening Settings –> General –> About –> AirPods and then looking at the version number in the “Firmware” area.

The new firmware version is out there in the wild now.