How to use iCloud Passwords on Chrome for Windows

If you’ve been waiting for a way to use iCloud passwords on Windows, then you may have known a Chrome extension was on the way. While the Chrome add-on was released a while ago, you needed to have iCloud version 12.0 or later to use the feature.

So, if your iCloud is now up to date on Windows and you’re ready to use the Chrome extension, we’ll show you how to set it all up.

iCloud Passwords on Chrome

Approve passwords in iCloud

The first step is to approve the use of iCloud passwords. You’ll need your Apple device (iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or later or Mac Big Sur) to obtain the verification code. So grab that, open iCloud on Windows, and click Approve next to Passwords.

iCloud Windows Passwords Approve

Enter your iCloud username and password and then enter the verification code you receive on your Apple device.

iCloud Windows Sign In

Next, check the box next to Passwords in the iCloud window and click Apply. You can then close iCloud and head to Chrome.

iCloud Windows Passwords Use

If you do not see the Passwords option in iCloud, the app is likely not up to date. Check the top right corner of the iCloud window for your version. You need version 12.0 or later to use the password feature.

iCloud Windows Version

Install the Chrome extension

If you haven’t yet, install the Chrome extension. Visit the Chrome Web Store to search for the add-on or use this direct link for the iCloud Passwords extension. Click Add to Chrome and then Add Extension.

Install iCloud Passwords for Chrome on Windows

Although you can install this extension for Chrome on Mac, it does not appear to currently be supported on macOS. We’ll update this article should it become so down the road.

Use the iCloud Passwords extension

When you visit a website that you have a password saved for in iCloud, the extension’s button will highlight in your toolbar. Click the iCloud Passwords button and then enter the verification code you receive. You should receive this code on Windows when you’re signed into iCloud.

Enable iCloud Passwords for Chrome on Windows

After the correct site displays in the extension’s drop-down box, select it. Your credentials should populate on the page.

Wrapping it up

Not everyone is Apple-only. So if you have an iPhone but use a Windows computer or if you happen to use Windows in addition to Mac, then you should be happy to know that logging into websites with your iCloud passwords is now a simple process.

What do you think of the iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome on Windows? Are you glad it came along? Are you hoping an add-on for a different browser makes its way onto the scene? Let us know!