EU antitrust regulators are finalizing charges against Apple after Spotify’s complaint

It has been almost two years since Spotify lodged an antitrust complaint against Apple in the European Union. And now, the EU antitrust regulators are preparing to present a charge sheet against Apple, after opening official probes into Apple’s business model.

That’s according to a report today from Reuters, which states the antitrust regulators are preparing official charges against Apple. That follows Spotify’s official complaints against the company. Based on information shared with the publication from unnamed sources, the regulators may send the charges to Apple “before the summer”.

And this is just one of four cases brought up against Apple.

Per the report:

The European Commission could send the statement of objections setting out suspected violations of the bloc’s antitrust rules to Apple before the summer, one of the people said.

The case is one of four opened by the EU competition enforcer into Apple in June last year. The EU charge sheet usually indicates whether a fine is merited and what companies have to do to halt anti-competitive practices.

While we don’t know which charges the antitrust regulators are going to bring against Apple, this tells us that they discovered something to bring against the company in the way of official charges. The probe has been ongoing for quite some time, and it will be interesting to see what the charges brought against Apple are.

At the time of publication, Apple hasn’t supplied a comment in regards to the original report.