Netflix launches ‘Fast Laughs’ for iOS featuring clips from the steamer’s comedy catalog

Netflix’s library of content is vast. The streamer certainly has no shortage of comedy titles, either. That includes films and series and stand-up specials. And in an effort to help surface that content, Netflix has a new feature built into the mobile app.

Today, Netflix officially announced what it calls “Fast Laughs”. It’s a mobile-only feature, and, at the time of the announcement, only available on iOS. But Netflix says it’s working on support for Android devices, too. It’s only available in “select countries” for now, but availability should expand in the near future.

What is Fast Laughs? It’s a new way to see clips from Netflix comedy content. That includes stand-up content from comedians like Ali Wong and Kevin Hart. There are also clips from shows like Big Mouth and The Crew. Fast Laughs will also show clips from films like Murder Mystery. As you can guess, these are all Netflix originals.

Netflix has a Fast Laughs tab in the mobile version of the app. Selecting that will bring up a full-screen feed of content from the aforementioned shows and films, plus more. And it’s an endless feed, it seems. Once one clip ends another will automatically start playing.

And Fast Laughs will make it easy to add content to your queue as well, and share the clips to social media platforms:

And what if you see a scene from a classic that is long overdue for a rewatch? Or catch something new that deserves a closer look? Fast Laughs lets you add series, films and stand-up specials to your list, or start viewing them immediately. You can also share the clips individually on Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter – so your friends can get in on the fun too.

Netflix notes in its announcement that not all clips are family-friendly or appropriate for all audiences.

Fast Laughs should be available now in the iOS app.