Apple’s Music Memos is officially dead

Keeping true to its promise, Apple has officially removed the Voice Memos app from the App Store. The app launched in 2016 to give musicians ways to capture song ideas on their iPhone.


  • Music Memos is no longer being updated.
  • The app has disappeared from the App Store.
  • You can continue using Voice Memos on iOS 14.
  • It remains available to re-download.

Voice Memos is no more

Apple previously said that the Music Memos app won’t be updated after version 1.0.7.

As of March 1, 2021, you can no longer download the app or find it in search although people on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 can continue using the software. Provided you’ve previously downloaded the app, it’s available to re-download via your App Store purchase history.

Here’s how Apple pitched the app:

Music Memos automatically analyzes the basic arrangement and suggests chords you played for each track. Then you can hear how your music sounds with a realistic virtual drummer and bass player jamming along.

The Music Memos webpage has been taken offline, too.

How to export your Music Memos recordings

To make sure you keep all of your recordings, Apple’s provided instructions for how to export your Music Memos audio files to your Voice Memos library. You’ll need an iPhone with iOS 14 or an iPad with iPadOS 14, as well as the latest version of Voice Memos and Music Memos.

  1. Open Music Memos on your device.
  2. When “Recording is moving to Voice Memos” appears, tap the option “Export”.

It can take several minutes to export your recordings to Voice Memos.

Your exported Music Memos recordings appear in an automatically-created Voice Memos folder, titled “Music Memos.” Did you encounter an error while exporting? If so, a support document on Apple’s website advises freeing up space on your device or waiting until your Music Memos recordings have finished updating from iCloud.

“If you create new recordings with Music Memos, you’ll need to copy them to Voice Memos to make sure you keep them,” notes the company.