Apple Music launches ‘Behind the Songs’ hub highlighting songwriters and producers

Apple Music has found a new way to promote not only songwriters, but also music producers with a brand new hub in the music streaming service.

As was first noticed by Engadget today, Apple Music has just launched “Behind the Songs“. It’s a new hub designed to promote songwriters, producers, and session musicians. The new hub will offer up a variety of content to help with that. It includes playlists, videos, and radio shows that highlight the artists’ works.

Per the original report:

The section brings together a number of Apple Music playlist series, including Songbook, Behind the Boards and On the Session, as well as Lyrics to Live By and The Stories Behind the Songs videos. It includes the radio show Deep Hidden Meaning, in which Nile Rodgers interviews songwriters and listens to their stories.

The report also notes that the content within the new hub is searchable on the platform, too. So Apple Music subscribers will be able to find the content outside of these hubs, too. Search for “songwriters” or “songwriter” to discover the content.

It’s worth noting that Spotify opened a similar hub on its own service late last year.

You can check out the new “Behind the Songs” hub now.