Apple is reportedly in active talks with several LiDAR sensor suppliers for the Apple Car

Apple is reportedly working on yet another factor to help build its oft-rumored Apple Car, with the latest report suggesting the company’s in active talks to secure more parts.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is holding active conversations with a variety of different suppliers for LiDAR sensors. Not for an upcoming iPhone, but rather for the upcoming self-driving Apple Car. The report says the LiDAR sensors in question are being developed now, but will apparently still be “cutting edge” even in five years’ time, when the Apple Car is rumored to debut.

These sensors will help the car “see” its surroundings. This can help with any self-driving situation, staying within lanes, and much more. The upcoming Apple Car is said to lean into its smarts, so these self-driving scenarios are expected and these sensors would be required for any advanced features.

Per the report:

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is in active talks with a number of potential suppliers for these laser-based sensors that allow a car’s computer to “see” its surroundings, said the people, who asked not to be identified due to the private nature of the discussions. The company has been working on a driverless vehicle project for several years and has developed on its own most of the necessary software, underlying processors and artificial intelligence algorithms needed for such a sophisticated system.

We’re still quite a ways away from seeing the Apple Car, if Apple even decides to launch the project as an official product for consumers. But, with so many rumors swirling around regarding the Project Titan effort, it certainly feels like this could be the next big thing for Apple.