Downtime podcast #383: iPhone 12 mini, Spring event, iPhone 13 rumors, listeners Q&A (and a giveaway)

Sebastien and Cody talk about why the iPhone mini 12 appears to be a dud, the possibility of a Spring event, and features they’d like to see in this year’s iPhone models. The pair also discuss Sebastien’s recent marathon (walk), how they originally met, and their thoughts on the recent crypto craze. Also, a giveaway!

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Marathonian walk #2

Footpath route planner

Follow up: What happens to your Apple ID and iCloud account when you pass away

The iPhone 12 mini is a dud

Spring event? AirTags launch reportedly ‘still on for March’,

iPhone 13’s always-on display is claimed to offer minimal customizability

Cody’s first post on iDB


Merman asks on Twitter: How long did it take for you two to agree on the shade of blue in the logo watch hands? And what are you each calling it?

Joseph asks by email: I have been listening since the iPhone XS fantasy draft. I was wondering how did Sebastien originally meet Cody? I was curious on the back story on how you guys met. Love the show.

Mike asks by email: Looking for some help and turning to the pros. Long time listener and first time emailer. I’m rocking Screen Time with my fourteen year old daughter. It mostly does the trick except for controlling the hotspot. I have her limited to certain times with some DOWNTIME. Her school computer is restricted to certain times from my Eero router. What she is doing is using hotspot from iPhone to school computer. I keep thinking I am just overlooking a setting to restrict hotspot access. I can’t find it anywhere. Surely Apple didn’t leave this out of Screen Time?

Diogo asks on Twitter: Top 3 features you hope to see in the 2021 iPhone (from both).

  • Always-on display
  • Lighter
  • Better telephoto lens performance
  • Touch ID
  • USB-C
  • Night mode for video

Jason asks by email: Can we have a section about your crypto thoughts especially with Elon musk recent move, hi from Manchester UK btw.

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