Apple is sending invites to developers to bring their iPad apps to the Mac

The Mac is perfectly capable of running iPad apps now, thanks in part to the latest upgrades to macOS. And of course the transition to the M1 processor. But while there are plenty of apps available for Apple’s computers, there could be more. So Apple’s inviting developers to online sessions to help with the process.

As first noted today by 9to5Mac, Apple is once again sending out emails to registered developers to invite them to online sessions regarding bringing iPad apps to the Mac. Online workshops entitled “Bring Your iPad App to Mac” are going live, and Apple would like to make sure even more developers take advantage of the offering.

Which will hopefully bring even more iPad apps to the Mac.

Apple’s request, in part, reads in part:

Mac Catalyst lets you bring your existing iPad app to Mac. Learn how to optimize your app and use Mac Catalyst to build a native Mac app that shares the same project and source code. Explore the latest features in iPadOS 14 that can save you time during this process and discover how to incorporate platform-specific features and controls that look and behave like those in AppKit, so you can create an app that feels at home on Mac.

Apple also informs developers that the classes have a Q&A section, so they’ll be able to really dig into areas of interest. Developers will also be able to sign up for one-on-one consultations with experts in optimizing iPad apps for the Mac.

As far as available dates, it looks like the online workshops will run February 15, February 18, and February 19, 2021. There are additional dates slotted in for March 8, March 10, and March 12, 2021. These online sessions are invite-only.

According to the original report, this is the second round of invitations that Apple has sent out since starting these online sessions last month.