Second-generation AirPods Pro once again rumored to launch sometime in the first half of 2021

It’s possible that Apple has plans to launch a new version of its popular AirPods Pro truly wireless headphones in the near future. The rumor mill certainly has a picture painted for early 2021. And yet another report is here to reiterate that belief.

In a report today from DigiTimes, the second-generation AirPods Pro are briefly mentioned. The full report is actually about Winbond, a flash memory supplier. But, in the text, it says that company is tapped to supply necessary components for the next-generation truly wireless headphones.

Per the report:

Winbond is also expected to be among the NOR flash suppliers for Apple’s next-generation AirPods Pro slated for launch later in the first half of this year, the sources indicated. The Taiwan-based chipmaker will be running its NOR flash production lines at nearly full capacity utilization during the six-month period.

And that’s all they wrote. There’s not much else to go on at this point, but this latest entry into the rumor mill’s output lines up with what we’ve heard in the past. For instance, Mac Otakara has reported that Apple plans on launching the new AirPods Pro alongside a new iPhone SE variant — and that may happen in April of this year. A separate report also aimed to confirm a new iPhone SE model is in the works as well.

Other rumors have suggested the new AirPods Pro will feature a smaller design, reducing the stem even more than it already is compared to the standard AirPods. However, those initial rumors suggested at the same time that development was a bit rough, and so the design may not actually change this year.

If this all pans out, then we don’t have long to wait before Apple unveils the second-generation AirPods Pro. If they launch this year, are you already planning on upgrading?