AirPods Pro 2 may come in two sizes

AirPods Pro has become one of the most popular products for Apple to date, so of course the company is going to keep it around. But how do they improve upon it? Maybe offering different sizes is one way to do it.

Serial leaker Mr-white (@laobaiTD) published a few photos on Twitter today (via MacRumors), indicating a major change for the “AirPods Pro 2”, which Apple hasn’t announced yet, of course. The tweet says the new truly wireless in-ear headphones could potentially feature “Two Sizes”, but the headphones will still feature Apple’s W2 chip. The images shared on the social network include reportedly leaked parts from the upcoming headphones, which you can see below.

The cables are two different sizes, where the speculation comes in. If Apple does go that route, the company would be offering two different sizes for the pro variant of the AirPods. That would mean two different price points, more than likely, and Apple could potentially differentiate the headphones even further with different features (just like the company does with the iPhone lineup).

There have been rumors circulating for quite some time now regarding the potential design for the new AirPods Pro, which Apple may launch sometime in 2021. If the rumors pan out, then Apple could be looking to make a more compact form factor, removing the stem from each earbud. (The same stem removal is said to be coming to the AirPods as well.)

There are also rumors that Apple could launch “AirPods Pro Lite“, too, which would shave off some of the price tag and also remove features like Active Noise Cancellation.

What do you think of the potential for two different sizes in the AirPods Pro lineup? Do you think you’ll upgrade your current AirPods Pro to a newer variant in 2021, or will you hold onto them a bit longer?