Fuzion app now supports more iPhones with its eye-catching double exposure effects for portrait photos

The Fuzion app launched in 2019. The developer found a way to make portrait photography even better with some fantastic effects, and now the app is getting even better.

Today, the app is welcoming its biggest update since its launch. With version 2.0, Fuzion now brings support for its portrait photography effects to all iPhones — even the ones that don’t actually support Portrait mode. This means that iPhone owners can use the app whether they have Portrait mode on their iPhone or not. So you can add any image you want to the app’s library and customize it as you see fit.

Version 2.0 of Fuzion launched today. so if you have the app already installed you can update to the newest version now. Meanwhile, if you don’t already have the app installed, Fuzion is free to start, but it does offer in-app purchases.

Here’s an example of what the app can do:

Per the app’s changelog:

We’re really excited to bring Fuzion to more iPhones with Fuzion 2.0 – our biggest update ever!

Powered by advanced machine learning, you can now edit ANY portrait in your library and apply stunning effects.

It’s worth noting here that the photograph you upload to Fuzion needs to be in portrait orientation. Not captured in Portrait mode, mind you. Just the orientation.

And here’s a video showcasing the new 2.0 update:

The new update also includes a variety of new features for Fuzion app users. That includes 1-tap presets, a new text tool, grain adjustment, and more. There’s support for additional stickers, a new background fill option, a new UI, and redesigned camera option.

The new Fuzion app is available now.