Linux now has a usable version for M1 Macs

Ever since Apple announced and launched its M1-equipped Mac options, getting Linux up and running on the hardware has been a goal for many a developer. And now it has finally arrived.

Thanks to Corellium, a software virtualization company, Linux is now “completely usable” on Apple silicon Macs (via AppleInsider). The company’s CTO, Chris Wade, confirmed the arrival of Linux support earlier today. The port has been officially released via GitHub, and there will be a proper installation tutorial released at some point before the end of today as well.

Corellium began working on this effort at least earlier this month. The turnaround was pretty quick.

The fact that Corellium is the company to get Linux up and running on an M1 Mac is noteworthy because of the legal battle between the virtualization company and Apple. The maker of iOS is not enthusiastic with the work that Corellium does with iOS software virtualization, and has gone to legal efforts to get the company to stop. For what it’s worth, Apple lost its copyright lawsuit against Corellium in December of last year.

But, Linux is up and running and “completely usable” on an M1 Mac. So that’s good news for Linux fans!