Apple Fitness+ now has nearly 300 workouts

Your Apple Fitness+ subscription now includes nearly 300 polished workout videos from Apple as the company continues to build out its catalog following the service’s debut in December.

A growing catalog

At launch, Apple Fitness+ included workout video content built around ten of the most popular workout types, including High Intensity Interval Training, Strength, Yoga, Dance, Core, Cycling, Treadmill (for running and walking), Rowing and Mindful Cooldown.

MacRumors reports that Apple today added over two dozen new video workout sessions to the service. “In all, Apple has added 26 new Fitness+ workouts covering all video categories,” the publication noted, taking the total number of workouts in the Fitness+ catalog to 293 so far.

A graphic promoting Apple Fitness+

The article provides this quote attributed to Apple Fitness+ trainer Bakari who has introduced the new workouts in the latest motivational introductory video:

Here at Fitness+ more than two dozen workouts just dropped, like Sam’s 30-minute treadmill which challenges your endurance, whether you’re walking or running. For a workout that needs no equipment at all, I teach 10-minute hit with four total body moves. Each move is inspired by different sports like basketball and soccer, which go perfectly with the song ‘No Hands’ by Waka Flocka Flame. That’s what’s new at Fitness+ to help you close your rings. Let’s go!

All workout music is available via special playlists on Apple Music.

Apple Fitness+ pricing and availability

The service brings studio-style workouts to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with workout metrics from your Apple Watch. Apple Fitness+ is priced at ten bucks per month. You can save money by opting for the annual subscription, at $80. A single subscription can be shared among up to six people at no additional charge thanks to Apple’s Family Sharing feature.

Apple Fitness+ is also included in the Apple One Premier subscription bundle, priced at $30 per month. All Apple Watch buyers are entitled to three free months of Apple Fitness+.

Image credit: Apple