Apple goes behind the scenes with ‘Shot on iPhone Student Films’

Every once in a while, Apple shares a behind the scenes look at how it put together some of its bigger ads. Today, Apple has done just that, but with a slightly different take than normal.

On Friday, Apple’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video entitled “Shot on iPhone Student Films”. This time around, Apple’s goal is to present four different student filmmakers as they use Apple’s devices to shoot their next projects, including the iPhone 12. We get glimpses of movie magic with stop-motion animation, classic noir, magical realism, and more.

Apple attached this short description along with the video:

See what it takes to make movies Shot on iPhone, as we go behind the scenes with four student filmmakers. Each reimagines cinema tradition in a different way: from classic noir to magical realism to stop-motion animation and more.

And here’s the video:

Apple also marks noteworthy moments through the behind the scenes look.

  • At the 00:28 mark, you can see how Niko shot a period piece on the iPhone 12
  • At the 1:22 mark, you can see how Ciara used movement in her upcoming film Our Light Shines in the Dark.
  • Next, at the 1:40 mark you can see how AhaNah used Apple’s devices to shoot Window to the Soul in stop-motion.
  • And finally, at the 2:43 mark, see how Guillermo created in-camera transitions in the upcoming film RobaLuna.

Things are slightly different this time around because Apple’s behind the scenes look is coming ahead of the full films, at least in most of the cases. You can check out RobaLuna on January 19, 2021.

Apple says that you can check out Our Light Shines in the Dark on Apple’s YouTube channel on January 26, 2021. Next, Window to the Soul will premiere on the same platform on January 27, 2021.

When these short films are uploaded, we’ll be sure to share them.