Accessory makers are preparing for the impending launch of AirTags

Are AirTags going to launch soon? It certainly feels like the rumor mill is trying to prime us for that exact thing. And sure enough, some accessory makers are starting to prepare, too.

As first noted today by serial leaker Evan Blass , some third-party accessory makers are gearing up for the impending arrival of the oft-rumored AirTags tracking device. Blass posted a couple of different images showcasing some potential accessories for the still unofficial AirTags, including a keychain and glasses holder.

You can see the keychain just below, and the glasses holder further below.

For the keychain accessory, created by Nomad, you’ll insert the AirTag into the small “3D formed” pocket. The Tile-like tracker will then remain inside the keychain, so you can then attach it to your other keys or other accessories, like on the outside of a backpack, and keep tabs on whatever you need.

Meanwhile, the glasses holder features a rubber tensioner that holds the AirTag, with interchangeable attachment points to fit all sizes of glasses. The cord itself is a premium braided design.

It’s worth noting that nothing about AirTags is official yet, and, as such, these designs aren’t showing us a final design for the product. Accessory makers typically create products like this, which are based on the rumors we’ve all heard. As such, some differences might crop up.

For instance, the keychain accessory appears to fit a rounded-square-shaped AirTag, while the glasses holder appears to be for a circular AirTag tracker. The rumor mill has painted a pretty clear picture up to this point that the AirTags will be circular, but that design could change — or there may be different options to choose from.

Still, this is yet another hint that AirTags are probably going to launch sooner rather than later.

If that is indeed the case, are you planning on buying AirTags as soon as you can?