Kuo expects Apple to launch AirTags, a new augmented reality device, new AirPods, and much more in 2021

Earlier today, a 3D animation apparently revealed just what, exactly, Apple’s oft-rumored AirTags will look like. Now, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is weighing in on Apple’s launch strategy for 2021, telling us what we’re already expecting: it’s going to be a busy year.

Today, according to a report fromĀ MacRumors, Kuo released a research note trying to paint a picture of what to expect, at least in part, from Apple this year. This is just a look at 2021 in general, and doesn’t really try to narrow down any specific launch windows. But all told, Apple hasĀ a lot in the works for 2021, according to Kuo.

To start, AirTags. According to the analyst, 2021 is indeed going to be the year Apple launches the Tile-like tracking device. Unfortunately, Kuo doesn’t tell us what month, exactly, to circle on the calendar. However, there was a rumor in 2020 that suggested the tracking devices would launch sometime in March of this year, so we might not have long to wait.

When AirTags do arrive, they will reportedly be a small, circular device that allows users to track things like their keys, backpacks, wallets, and other items.

Interestingly, Kuo also expects Apple is going to launch some new augmented reality device at some point in 2021 as well. At the time of publication, however, there aren’t many details at all regarding this unannounced product. Apple is rumored to be working on a variety of different AR products, including a headset, glasses, or maybe a combination of both. It’s possible this AR product could be one of those (or both!).

Or maybe the AR device(s) are new iPhones.

As far as the safe bets are concerned, Kuo also expects Apple to launch new AirPods products this year, as well as additional M1-powered Macs. What’s more, Kuo also believes Apple is going to launch its first Mini-LED products this year (last rumor suggested iPad Pro with Mini-LED would debut in first quarter of 2021).

In addition to these products, we’re going to see new iPad models, new iPhones, and probably even more than that. It’s going to be a busy year — and we’re not even going to get an Apple Car for several years yet.