Apple’s AR glasses once again rumored to arrive in 2021

The rumor mill is really starting to ramp up attention on Apple’s oft-rumored augmented reality glasses, which could be a strong indicator that they are actually going to launch at some point in the near future. Or maybe we’re all just getting worked up for nothing.

The latest report is a paywalled preview of what DigiTimes is currently working on. The information that is presented for now suggests that Apple is planning to launch the AR glasses later in 2021. “Small-volume production” is said to kick off sometime in the first half of next year.

Here’s the preview:

Apple to roll out AR glasses in 2021

Apple is expected to roll out its augmented reality glasses in 2021, according to sources at related suppliers, which are gearing up to kick off small-volume production for the device in the first half of the year.

There isn’t any additional information to go on here. DigiTimes will publish its full report tomorrow, May 22. It’s possible that the full report will give us more to go on, but, for now, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens. But, of course, this echoes plenty of earlier rumors we’ve heard about the AR glasses. It also contradicts a report from last week, saying Apple’s AR glasses will arrive in 2022 at the earliest.

This also comes on the heels of a report from earlier this week, courtesy of Jon Prosser. He had a full breakdown of all the details he’s heard about Apple’s upcoming AR glasses, including that they will probably be called “Apple Glass” when they debut in the near future. When they launch, Prosser expects them to cost $499, but they will also support prescription lenses which will hike up the price a bit.

Apple Glass will reportedly rely on a connection with an iPhone, which will help keep the overall size and weight down on the glasses themselves. That report also suggested we could see Apple Glass get unveiled later this year, as that was Apple’s original plan. However, due to the ongoing global health crisis those plans probably changed, and now Apple could announce the AR glasses in early 2021, with a launch later in the year.

We’re probably going to keep hearing about the AR glasses from Apple for quite some time, especially as these sources get more confident the product exists. But, are you looking forward to buying them? Especially if they’re priced at $499? Let us know in the comments below!