Apple’s AR glasses will reportedly be called ‘Apple Glass’ and start at $499

We’ve been hearing about Apple’s upcoming augmented reality glasses for quite some time now, but the latest report aims to shed the most light possible on what’s coming down the pipe.

Leaker and host of Front Page Tech Jon Prosser worked on the report for months, and released his findings today via a YouTube video you can watch embedded in this article. He checks off plenty of the boxes potential owners may want to know, but, of course, keep in mind that it’s possible the final details change before Apple gets around to announcing anything. But for now, all of this certainly sounds plausible.

That starts with the marketing name, which, according to Prosser, will be “Apple Glass” — not “Apple Glasses”. The report also states that the new AR glasses will start at $499, but Apple will also offer support for prescription lenses, which will hike up the price a bit. Users will rely on gestures to control the user interface while wearing Apple Glass, with displays in both lenses.

The first-generation AR glasses will rely on a persistent connection with an iPhone. While it may not make the final cut, Prosser says that an early prototype for Apple Glass featured wireless charging and LiDAR. Interestingly, it sounds like Apple was initially planning on unveiling Apple Glass later this year, at it’s upcoming September iPhone event. However, the ongoing global health crisis may make that not a possibility, so Apple’s plans to unveil the new product could be forced back to March 2021.

As far as a release? Apple’s aiming for late 2021 or early 2022. That lines up with the latest rumor.

Apple’s AR glasses is just one part of a dual effort to launch new wearables. The company is also reportedly working on a VR headset, which may look similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset. That device could boast a pair of 8K displays. Apple recently acquired a VR startup called NextVR, a move that is believed to help bolster Apple’s efforts in this regard.

You can check out the report in the video below:

Prosser also believes it’s possible Apple will host its iPhone event in October of this year, rather than September.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s rumored AR glasses? Would you pick up a pair for $499? Let us know in the comments below.