Twitter is now testing ‘Spaces’ for live audio chatrooms

Twitter has been making a concerted effort to move beyond just text. Back in September of this year, for example, it began testing the ability to send direct messages with audio. Of course, voice tweets are a thing now, too. And soon, audio chatrooms might proliferate the platform.

Beginning today, Twitter is now testing out something it calls “Spaces”. This is a feature that’s been billed as a Clubhouse-like service, where a chatroom is tuned more for audio messages rather than big blocks of text. The Spaces are open to anyone who wants to listen, but each room’s individual creator will have the ability to rule who actually gets to speak within the room.

While the conversation is going, there will be methods for participants to react as it’s happening. In this case, there will be emoji reactions, just like Twitter offers for Fleets (those disappearing tweets the company launched not too long ago). And, in an effort to meet accessibility goals and requirements, Twitter is working on an automatic transcription feature as well.

Spaces is currently being tested with a small pool of people. You can check out what the interface looks like just above (via The Verge) There’s no word on when Spaces will launch to the general Twitter public, or if it ever will. It’s a beta test, so it’s possible Twitter scraps the whole idea before it’s ever fully baked.

What do you think of the idea of Twitter’s new Spaces? If you get the chance, do you think you’ll try out the feature?